Why More People are Watching Games Rather than Playing Them 

Esports has taken over the internet, with more people engaging and watching esports every year! Throughout the years we’ve seen many games such as Fifa, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and League of League taking over the gaming scene. Teams such Fnatic, TSM, and SKT are so popular among the gamers that even the initials of the groups chime to them. The question is, why are more people watching games rather than playing them? We will be breaking that down in this article right now! 


Right, price can sometimes be an issue here- this may not be the case with games such as League of Legends or Warzone, but any other game franchises such as the other Call of Duty games, or GTA or battlefield are becoming so overpriced. Many people are getting a better experience by watching video games and end up playing the ones that are free to play. Paying £60 for a game that devalues instantly maybe just isn’t as appealing to people anymore? Plus, there are always new games so people just don’t bother anymore.  


Finding the right friends to play with, making sure everyone in the team is happy playing in their positions may be a stressful thing- and many people these days are finding it hard to relax. Everything is done at home so it’s seemingly less time-consuming and guilt-free when you watch video games instead of setting everything up and playing yourself. There is so much dedication needed to play the game, maybe it’s just not worthwhile?! 


The idea behind watching gamers play games is generally because they are either very entertaining or simply very very good at the game. By watching people play the game, our neurons in our brains are able to retain that information and remap it out when we wish to play the game. Put simply, we need to watch more, play more, and get better! This is called passive psychological involvement- we are gaining similar levels of satisfaction for a fraction of the hard work needed!  


Games such as League of legends are extremely popular in the gaming society and have a great influence on views on platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. In League of legends, the various lol honor levels and rewards you can get depend on how well you play and what you do in-game. This can easily be learned and replicated in your own game once you have watched the pros going at it!  

Gaming has always been popular, and it is gaining more popularity as we speak, with new games developing to be more realistic, more fascinating with twisting and turning plot twists- or even replicating real-life events or movies. Whatever it is, watching others’ gaming will always be a fun and cool way to learn the game and get even better, and that is why watching games is on the up! 




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