Which Are The Most Popular Movies And Series On Netflix That Attract Millions Of Views?

 Netflix is a fantastic platform that is becoming very popular these days. Much unexpected things happened in 2020. The unexpected pandemic that is corona causes depression among people because it was not possible to go outside for enjoyment. 

Even in these tough times, the theaters are closed, and there is no option for people to go out for entertainment. So Netflix is a fantastic platform that has brought a very famous series and movies that people can enjoy watching by sitting at home. The charges are meager, and you can get a membership with ease. There is just a need for an internet connection and a Netflix membership with that a person can watch from any place. And the most interesting part about it is that a person can take membership and enjoy with the certain number of persons which is fixed. With this, you can know about the top series and movies that are as follows –
 Top Netflix movies 

Ludo (popular comedy movie) –

It is the most interesting movie that was released on 12 November 2020 and directed by Anurag Basu. The characters and the story have brought major excitement among people and create fondness to watch such an epic film. The story was based on two people thinking about life and death, and they choose to play ludo. 
The game depends on the life of certain people, among which some are gangsters, which has to settle some kind of matter with the old scorer person. So the central part becomes the dice, and the other becomes the red side. The other two become the yellow side, and in this way, it contains a right level of suspense and brings the fun. 
The story is dependent on certain characters in which four sides are present, which brings the engaging climax to watch the movie. So with the playing, they reach home, and in that way, they lead to win the game. 
Malang (most popular action movie) 

The most exciting and action movie was released on 7 February 2020. The film was directed by the famous person Mohit Suri, and this film has gained wide popularity. Malang movie has gained almost 84.50 core. 

The story is fascinating, as in this movie. there was a man who comes from jail after a punishment of 5 years and the story starts after that, the story goes with an interest of action, spice, and love. Malang provides the best of action movie for action movie lovers and creates a good impression on people’s minds. 
Such an action movie involves the different tasks performed with tremendous thrill, and also the songs are so lovable that they have gained a wide level of popularity to watch. So the movie collection is at a high pace, and people enjoyed watchingwatching and available on Netflix so that people can enjoy watching as and when they want to. 

 Such are the two interesting Netflix movies that are on the top list, with that, there are other movies as well according to the interest of the person. 

Top Netflix series of 2020 

Bad boy Billionaires: India (most popular document series) 

This is the most popular series released on Netflix in 2020 and based on the story of the most prestigious and prominent business people who have made their space in the business arena, such as Ramalinga, Subrata Roy, Nirav Modi, and that Vijay Mallya. 

These are the famous personalities who had achieved a lot of success before indulging in certain other cases. Three of the total four episodes were released in October 2020 and gain so much popularity with the release. 

People who are excited to watch such a documentary series got the best option to watch the bad billionaires. It is the most-watched documentary series of the year. With this, there is an expose of a certain truth that was lying behind. So yes, it brings suspense and excitement to watch such a series. 

Blood of Zeus (most popular anime series) 

Anime series are very interesting to watch. Many selected people are lovers to watch such a series. Among which the Blood of Zeus is widely accepted and at the top level of the anime series. 

This series involves fantasy action and adventure to watch and holds people’s interest to complete the whole series. There are a total of 8 episodes in one season. The blood of Zeus was released on 27 October 2020 on Netflix. 

With this series’s release, many people around the world love to watch and have greater and nice views. It has reached the top level of watching anime movies on Netflix. So with this, all the genres love to watch the amazing series, and such series has created lovely effects on people’s minds. 

The protector (most popular non-Indian, non-English series)

It is the most fantastic drama fantasy series of Turkish drama and episodes, which people feel desirable to watch. It is the top list of watching the protector series on Netflix. 

There are a total of four seasons, and the last season was released on 9th July 2020. All the seasons get its popularity because it contains action based on science fiction and fantasy is watching. 

The timing of one episode is around 30- 35 minutes, which becomes easy for people to watch. The story is very amazing, and once a person watches the first season, it creates a sense of fondness to watch other seasons. With that, it is gaining the highest rate and popularity. 
 Netflix is a fine platform providing various top series that you can get to know from the above-discussed series and movies. There are many other options as well, that will a person can watch according to the interest and preference in watching. So, feeling bored, there is no need to worry about the fantastic options of movies and series that are viable on Netflix even in this time of corona. Get up or lie down and watch the entertainment part and enjoy your favorite meal. 


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