Want To Watch The Best Action Anime Movies? Here Are The Top 10 Choices

 Anime movies are the movies that hold the interest of people worldwide that bring so much of delight. It brings real emotions, real actions, and thrill with creating a strong impact on the person. Here the real-life people are not pe4rsent that is what makes the movie different from each other. The movie’s timing and length are quite similar to other movies that are the reason that anime lovers are very fond of such movies. 
 There are various themes of different movies and consist of various variations. The feelings, emotions, and thrill that these action movies bring to create a different and lasting essence for the people who are eager and fond to watch such incredible movies. So if you want to know about top movies that one can watch and will take a fantastic experience in watching that here are the various action anime movies that you can watch. 

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 
 This fantastic action anime film was made based on the novel, demon death case, which was so influential that such an amazing movie was made. It has a fascinating story. In this film, charlotte, a young girl abducted by a person named Baron Meier Link. And in that, a sagacious person name a bounty hunter hired who brings back the girl. 
 The Meier link was the vampire nobleman in the story and did not cause any harm or such to people, and story was based on such essence. 

 It is a very great fact that the film was made in 1988 and now also it is in the hearts of people. The new generation is also fond of watching such a movie because it provides so much interest and holds a great suspense level. This film is all about animated, which contains action and takes and holds neo-Tokyo. Here there is a destruction of Tokyo, in which the strong and main powerful character is Akira, which leads to destroying Tokyo during world war 3. 
 This movie is in the top list of fiction movies, which has made its special place all around. 
Ghost in the shell 

 This is the famous anime action film which is based on the Masamune Shirow of the manga. This great movie brings fun and excitement to watch. This holds to track the mysterious ghost, named as puppet master. This was assigned to a security officer. 
 The film creates the benchmark for other movies because this has taken the excitement and thrill to the next level. 
Princess Mononoke
 if you are the person who wants to see a little less of the actions, then this will be the most suitable film to watch. It was in the previous Muromachi time period, which hold an interesting story about a girl named Ashitaka, who was the last king or prince of the famous tribe that is the Emishi. This gain so much of importance with the coming of the film titanic. 
Ninja Scroll 

 The ninja Scroll is a popular animated film released in the year 1993, and it depicts the story of events and happenings in Japan. It was between the ninja and the devils of the kimono. The devils were 8 in number. This movie has gained wide popularity. 

 This film is created by the one who framed the ghost in the shell, name Masamune Shirow. Appleseed is an animated computerized film that contains a lot of action, which has influence anima lovers. This movie has made the people happy because it contains all the amazing elements that people all around love to watch. 
Street fighter 2 – the animated movie

 It is quite impossible to think about introducing and recreating a game in the movie. And yes, this happens in street fighter 2. The person has made the film based on the game series, which involves popular fighting’s and the name is the same. 

 There are certainly interesting points such as
 . Based on the story of Ryu
 . In this, there is a defeating of the greatest fighters in the world. 
 . It holds the largest following of the crowd. 
Cowboy Bebop – the movie 

 People are very aware of the name Cowboy bebop because this is used in television series, which came in the year 1998- 1999 period and made a special place in people’s hearts. There were almost 26 episodes. So, inspired by that, the movie was introduced to impress people. 
 The story holds a greater interest, in which a spaceship is assigned with a duty to take a chemical terrorist who is giving the warning to destroy the mars planet, so it contains a good interest to watch. 
Fist of the North Star 

 It is like another interesting movie that is based on the same name of the manga series. This series also includes the violent elements and variations, which brings and based on the world around p[ost0-apocalypticand there is a defeat of the wife Yuria with the previous friend’s name shin. Thus a film is also the influencing one and created a lasting impact on people. 
Sword of the stranger 

Sword of the stranger is the film made by the same producing team that is of Cowboy Bebop – the movie. Here the story goes as that there is a young boy, his name was Kotaro, and with that, there was a dog. There is totally a mystery in a film that goes on running from swordsmen that are doing hunting because of certain reasons. 

 Such a movie holds suspense and if you are fond of watching anime movies, choose between watching a sword of the stranger. It is an incredible movie to watch. The animations, soundtrack, and video are totally different and bring a great interest in watching this film. 
Now, if you want to watch the name actions, then you are on the right track, and here you will get the above ten choices for watching movies. So you can make a choice with ease, and it is the fact that surely you will love to watch and that will bring a great experience. 
If you are not for all these, you can turn to some of the youtube’s funniest channels.  


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