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Twitch Celebs: The Best Gamers Taking the World by Storm

Youtube used to be the king of the internet, with millions of people tuning in every day to see their favorite content creators on the site.  However, in recent years the way in which Youtube operates has changed. This means that the content that the creators have been making is no longer the same as how it used to be. Content creators on Youtube were under so many limits that they couldn’t even swear without worrying about losing their ad revenue.

For this reason, many people have started to migrate to other sites in order to gain the entertainment that they want.  Out of all of the other platforms that these people could choose to migrate to, a lot of them have chosen to go to Twitch. The main reason behind this is because a lot of the content creators that were once on Youtube have now gone to Twitch, which means that you are getting the content that you want without all of the unnecessary limitations.

Along with all of the streamers that have moved to Twitch, there are some streamers that have been on twitch for some time that deserve some recognition. These folks have been around from the very start and show no sign of going anywhere anytime soon as they continue to accumulate growing fan bases.  Here are the best gamers that are taking the world by storm.


Asmond Gold

If you are someone that is a huge fan of WOW, then you may be looking for a content creator to watch. These days WOW streamers are not as popular as they once were as the game is starting to fizzle out of the mainstream. Asmond has been around since the very start and he is extremely dedicated to his love of WOW.  What the fans love about Asmond is that even after so many years of being a successful streamer, he has continued to stay modest.

In fact Asmond still lives at home with his mother and says that he doesn’t feel as though he will be moving out anytime soon as he is comfortable enough with his current setup. What Asmond is most known for is his continuous charity streams, he is all about giving back to the community he loves and this is why they love him so much.


Pewdiepie found his fame on youtube and continues to base most of his operations there. However, recently he has been streaming more and more on Twitch after getting an affiliate deal with the site. As you know, Pewdiepie is one of the most famous gamers in the world and he uses his position for good.

The main content that you can expect to find on Pewdiepie’s Twitch channel is charity streams. He often says that he makes enough money from what he does on a day-to-day basis and so would like to give back to those who need it the most. Aside from his usual charity streams, Pewdiepie also does a lot of collaborative projects on his channel and if you are lucky you may end up on one of his streams while he is playing a game.


What we all love about Jerma is the fact that he is trying to bring back all of the old games that we love. If you are someone that enjoyed playing the WWE games growing up then you will be glad to know that Jerma is playing them on his streaming channel, which will give you a real feeling of nostalgia.

On top of his love for WWE, he also plays a lot of the other classic games that we all loved growing up. If you love the sims then you will be glad to know that Jerma often streams videos of himself playing classic sim challenges.

Julien Sallamanto

Julien is the partner of Jenna Marbles and for some time now he has been streaming on his own and he has managed to build up quite the audience. The best part about Julien’s streams is that he takes recommendations from his fans, which means that the content that he produces is always catered to the people that will watch it.

He loves to stay on top of all of the newest releases, which means that if you are unsure about whether or not a game is worth buying, then it is likely that he has already played it so you can an idea from his stream.

Faze Banks

Though this streamer has not been without his controversy, he is very well known for his amazing Call of Duty ability.  He has been playing Call of Duty for over a decade and within that time he has managed to build up an extremely dedicated fan base. A part of his mission is to make people feel more confident as gamers and he is a big supporter of people following their gaming dreams. He is known for popularizing the use of aimbots and he now promotes the fact that there are aimbots you can get for warzone.

You may know that Banks is a part of the Faze crew, which is a big group of gamers that have a love for PVP games and battle royale. These gamers have been around for some time and often collaborate with Faze Banks, so if you are someone that likes watching gamers work together, then you should follow this Twitch.


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