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The Most Anticipated Movies OF 2021

2020 was a devastating year for the movie world. The global pandemic forced a lot of cinemas to close down temporarily, or some even forever. A lot of movie companies trialed streaming their new films rather than holding them back for a cinema release. And millions of movie fans were left with no new content, simply having to replay what harry potter house am i quizzes over and over again.

But 2021 promises to be a better year for the movie world. So let’s count down the most anticipated movies of 2021.

Black Widow

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a staple of the cinematic world for years now. People wait with anticipation for the newest installment of the superhero franchise. And fans of the movies have been crying out for a solo Black Widow movie for years. And now their dreams have come true. The movie looks to be an action-packed send-off for the titular character. But it has been delayed repeatedly due to the global pandemic. But with a 2021 release now on track, people are rebuilding their hype.

The Batman

Christopher Nolan really changed the game with his Dark Knight trilogy a few years back. And since then we have had a number of different Batman actors take up the role. But the newest addition to the bat family is Robbert Pattinson. We have heard nothing more than rumors and speculation for a long time, but with the first trailer finally out, people have become extremely excited to see this new batman take on the riddle in the dark streets of Gotham. And they won’t have to wait much longer with the release set for 2021.

Godzilla vs Kong

Everyone loves a good movie that pits two popular characters against one another. Aline Vs Predator. Batman vs Superman. And in 2021 we are getting the titan smackdown of all smackdowns. Godzilla is finally facing off against King Kong. These two literal giants are both loved by the fans of their franchise. And the first trailer that dropped has already sparked massive internet debates about which of the two is actually going to win. The trailer has promised an action-packed fight filled with twists and turns. We cannot wait to see this movie on the big screen.

 A Quiet Place 2

Everyone loves Jim from the office. So to see him take on a much more serious role in A Quiet Place was surprising and a treat. Critics and fans alike agree the first film was a smash hit. It a truly terrifying monster horror that worked best because it didn’t show us the monster. Now people are waiting with anticipation for the second installment of the film. The initial trailers lead us to believe it will flashback to the start of the monster invasion, while also carrying on the story that the first movie began so expertly.


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