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The Influencers Guide to Making it on TikTok

TikTok is available as an app on both IOS and Android, it is one of the most popular apps on both the Play Store and the Apple Store. It was launched in China in 2016 and following its initial success in China, it was launched worldwide the following year. When it was launched in China, it was called Douyin, whilst they use the exact same software, they have to have different names due to complex Chinese censorship restrictions. TikTok is the newest popular social media and the main age demographic that uses it is those between ages 14-24, but there are people of all ages who have an active TikTok account. By the start of this year, after being released worldwide for 3 years, TikTok has a staggering 689 million users who are active on TikTok every month. TikTok was an instant success, it took Instagram 6 years, so double the amount of time to reach the same number of active users. Facebook was always seen as the king of social media but it even took Facebook an extra year than TikTok to get to this number of users.

How does TikTok work?

The premise for the TikTok app is a platform where people can create and share various videos, there are many different genres of video on TikTok like dance videos which often become huge trends, comedy videos which can be in any form from impersonating teachers to prank videos and there are also many emotional or educational TikTok videos out there. TikTok, like any other social media, is really easy to sign up to and make an account, most people when they first join TikTok spend most of their time watching other people’s videos before they have the confidence to start up their own channel. When you join TikTok your ‘for you’ page won’t be very personalized to you, so start liking videos that you enjoy and the algorithm will start to kick in till every video on your for you page is a video you enjoy. If there’s a particular TikToker that you enjoy then you can follow their page and this will come up on your following page, you can view the newest videos from all the people you follow on this page.

How do I make it on TikTok?

Many people over the last few years have found their fame on TikTok. It is a whole new genre of fame called ‘TikTok famous’. These are the TikTokers who have managed to build up a huge fan and support base, they usually have millions of followers and all of their videos have a huge engagement through views, likes, and comments. If you want to join these other people and revel in TikTok fame then there are 2 ways to do this. The first way is the easier way out, but many people see it as a cheat, you can buy tiktok views as this will help your account to reach more people more quickly. Or, if you want to earn your own fame then there is a long, difficult road ahead. You’ll need to make sure that all the videos you post are high quality and that you post often, as well as this you need to find your niche for your channel as this is what is going to attract people and keep them interested. To find your niche you’ll have to think outside the box, but you should also join in with any trends as this will help you to get more followers. The most important thing is that you embrace yourself and enjoy posting.


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