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The Funniest Sketch Comedy Groups on YouTube

YouTube has become one of the most widely used and popular sites on the internet. It has billions of users and over the last year as people worldwide have been in lockdown users have spent more time than ever watching videos. Many people have spent more time watching videos but all the additional time people have found themselves with being stuck inside has also led to more people uploading videos and trying to grow their channel too. It has also become a great place for marketing and advertising, there has been lots of business to business transactions as ads placed on popular YouTube videos are beneficial to the supplier and beneficial to the YouTuber as they’re now making money from their hobby if this sound like something you’d want to try with your free time then for some additional help you can find a list of youtube strategies for b2b companies that will help you to succeed. One of the most popular genres of video on YouTube is a sketch comedy and we’ve found some of the best sketch comedy groups who post on there.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a YouTube channel that was created by the popular figures Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy. They have produced many well-known shows that have been positively received by viewers, some of the most popular include ‘Drunk History’ which was released on Funny or Die in 2007 and involved a drunk presenter trying to accurately explain what happened during a significant event in American history. They also created many other sketches shows including ‘Billy on the Street’ and ‘The Spoils of Babylon’. Their channel also features many more famous celebrities including James Franco, Nick Offerman, Michael Cera, and Jack Black.

The Key of Awesome

The Key of Awesome is another great YouTube channel created by a comedy group, it was formerly named Barely Political which many of you may still know them by. It was created by Mark Douglas and Ben Relles, their channel produced mainly political skits and sketches in the form of music videos, their most famous video was ‘Crush on Obama’ which went viral. Their channel is funny and also informative and helpful making it a good way for people to learn more about politics, back in 2008 they actually interviewed some of the candidates who were running in the presidential primaries. It’s not often people laugh whilst talking about politics so this was a great channel to help people learn about politics whilst also having fun.

5 Second Films

5 Second Films is a great YouTube channel for those of you with a shorter attention span who can’t watch a full 5-minute sketch. It may seem unlikely that a video would be able to make you laugh in just 5 seconds but their 400k subscribers would disagree. The founder of the group was Brian Firenzi who created this group with the people with who he shared house, members of this house were directors, actors, and writers giving them all the skills they needed to make a successful YouTube show. The house was in Silver Lake, Los Angeles and as the channel started to grow it attracted more and more talented individuals who got involved with the channel. Their first 5-second film was ‘Chivalry is Dead’ in which a man refuses to hold a door for a woman. They were inspired to make this channel by a competition in which people could submit 5-second commercials for Cadillac Motor Company.


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