The 10 Best TikTok Trends of 2021 

Unless you have been completely oblivious to the world around you for the last two years, you have definitely stumbled across a few TikTok Videos. As of right now, TikTok is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world and every day millions of content creators upload to the platform or buy tiktok likes to get a larger Tiktok following. 

Tiktok has even introduced a long list of trends to the internet that is currently taking the world by storm and here are just ten that you have to check out. 

Hello My Name Is Zuzie 

If you are someone that loves cute animals as much as the rest of the world, then you are bound to love this challenge. There is a TikTok filter that zooms in on eyes, making them seem larger and much cuter. People are using this on their pets in time with the hello my name is Zuzie song, which we think is the cutest.

Reimagining Doll Fashion  

If you are someone that played with dolls as a child and you have always wondered what their clothes would look like on a real person, you don’t have to wonder anymore. The reimagining doll fashion trend is really popular on the platform right now and all you need to do is search up your favorite doll collection and you are bound to find some sort of fashion retelling.  

Billy Joel 


The whole world loves Billy Joel and now the younger generation of TikTokers are starting to become more aware of all of the fantastic songs that he has released throughout his career. There are several Joel songs that are constantly being mimed and performed by TikTok singers and dancers. Right now the most popular song that is being performed right now is Zanzibar, where Tiktokers don a fake guitar and rock out to the absolute classic. 

Tell Me You’re Rich 

This is a trend that you may have definitely seen in the last year or so. The tell me you’re rich challenge consists of showing the world you are rich without telling them that you are rich. This Tiktok annoyed a lot of the platform users as it was essentially an excuse to show off, but some of the TikTok comedians have taken it back and put a funny spin on it that makes it very enjoyable to watch.  

The Return of the Shuffle 

If you were on the internet in the mid 2000’s then you definitely saw the shuffle trend hit the world.  Shuffling is dancing by rhythmically moving your feet and it has made a return in the last year, with many people eager to test out their very own shuffling skill. We are glad that this trend has made a return and we hope to see more people try it. 

 Hide Before the Picture  

This is another trend that we absolutely love and to do this trend you simply need to set the camera timer on your phone and hide in the image. This is best done with a group of friends and you race to not be visible in the picture. 

Guess Your Character 

This trend is one of the more recent popular trends on TikTok and to do this trend you simply have to download a picture of a group of people and watch Tiktok merge you into the person in the picture that you look more like. So have you ever wondered if you look like one of your favourite TV characters? Well now you can find out.  

Singing Duets 

Singing duets are not new to the platform or to the internet for that matter, but it’s hard not to love them.  To take part in a singing duet you simply upload you performing one part of a song that you love, you then wait for someone else to duet with that video and sing the other part.  

Different Body, Same Outfit 

There has been an outcry for more inclusive plus size fashion and this has been made clear on Tiktok . This trend aims to prove that plus size people can look just as good in outfits as their slimmer counterparts. This trend usually shows two friends wearing the exact same outfits and showing how these outfits look on either body type.

Do you Know Who my Dad is? 

This trend is very diverse as many of the videos are a mix of comedy, as well as heart warming content. This trend consists of showing the world what kind of man your dad is and warning anyone that if they try to break your heart, then your dad will be the first one to take action. We love this trend as we love to see the collaboration between generations.  


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