How to Stand Out in the Competitive World of Influencing

Becoming an influencer has become a new job market in recent years, with more and more young people turning to social media to try and create money. But being an influencer isn’t as easy as some might believe it to be, and with more and more people hopping on the trend, it means there is more competition as well. And the only way to succeed as an influencer is to have better content and more followers than your competitors. But how are you supposed to stand out in a crowd of thousands globally?

Stay on Trend

Trends come and go very quickly, which means if you want to be successful you have to be fast, and vigilant. It is a good idea to make sure you follow other influencers, especially the ones who are most popular to see what it is they’re posting and to post the same or similar content. Instagram Story reposten means to repost an Instagram story, and this is something a lot of influencers have taken to doing. If you follow a lot of influencers yourself, you may have even noticed this, it can be anything from making a comment on a business or politics to reposting a picture or video that has gone viral, to try to get people to view it from their own platform rather than others. This also happens a lot on facebook as well with pages posting the same articles or quizzes, as there can usually be money in doing this as well. If you are consistent on staying on-trend and watching out for new ones, people will start to see you as a reliable source of information, and this will gain you more followers.

Do collabs

A great way to be able to stand out is to collaborate with businesses or other influencers. This way, you can appeal to a larger audience and gain more followers. Not only this, but influencers who are open to doing collabs tend to receive more positive feedback and viewership online, as they seem more friendly and welcoming. And this is a great way to make friends and connections as well! However, do be mindful of the people you are thinking or collaborating with, as anything they do online that creates a negative view of them will also reflect back onto you. And with businesses it can be a little trickier, as some businesses will send free merchandise to influencers in return for them promoting it to their following, however if you do not have a large following (think several hundred thousand or millions) then big businesses are less likely to want to send you anything. And small businesses are not in a position to be sending free items. A good compromise is to buy from small businesses and let them know you will be posting about it on your page, that way they can share the posts to their own followers who will likely support you for supporting a shop they love.

Interact with your followers

Something that some influencers forget is that they need to interact with their followers to be able to do well. Simply posting content isn’t enough, as this can get very boring very quickly and can easily blend in with other influencers content. But an influencer that makes an effort to notice and reply to their fans, and to make sure they listen to their opinions will soon garner more followers, as it presents a good image of yourself. Doing things such as included polls on your Instagram story, or responding to some of the first comments on your posts can help with this, and not only that, but if people see you interacting with followers they’ll be more likely to interact with your content, which helps your content to get seen by more people.

These steps are absolutely vital in helping you to stand out from the crowd, and no matter what stage of your journey you’re at – whether you’re just starting out or doing this for years, these are still useful to keep in mind!


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