6 Online Activities to Stave off the Lockdown Boredom

The COVID- 19 Pandemic is something that none of us have ever experienced and is a complete change in routine. While it is important to stay at home during lockdown to keep everyone safe, you can drive yourself insane with boredom! It is hard for us adults, but at least we are fully aware of what’s going on and understand why we cannot go on with our normal lives but for children… it must be upsetting not being able to go to soft play or go to school with their friends. But fear no more, here are some online activities that will have to entertain you! There are options for all the family- whether that be adults who need a bit of relaxation time or kids who need some entertainment. Below are 6 online activities but there are so many more options to check out!


Something that is so fun to do online quizzes! there are plenty out there which can tell you so many things such as which fast-food chain am I, which Harry Potter cast member am I, or which animal am I! It may sound silly but it will have you entertained for ages. You could even do a quiz at the same time as your best friend to make it more interactive. Some quizzes test how much you know about a certain topic, whereas others just tell you what sort of item/food/landmark matches your personality, based on answers you give.

Virtually visit the zoo or aquarium

That’s right! You can actually visit the zoo or aquarium through the safety and comfort of your own home. Many of these attractions around the world have been setting up cameras so that people are able to watch the animals on their electronic devices. Zookeepers have also been doing talks to give families the same information about the animals that they would have been told if they were to actually visit these places. So why not lay in bed and watch the penguins get fed life? That’s not something many people can say they have done!

Virtual yoga class

If you are experiencing some stress this lockdown or your kids are running around crazy with ants in their pants, yoga may be the perfect thing. Yoga instructors have been offering yoga classes online to keep people feeling relaxed during lockdown- so put on your yoga pants and get stretching! If you are not able to attend the live yoga classes, there are a variety of apps where you can complete classes at various levels, from beginner to expert, depending on how much you want to get moving and sweat!

Board/card games

You no longer actually need a board or a deck of cards to play games with your friends, actually… you don’t even need to be with your friends! There are many websites and apps that allow you to play these games online against your friends. This is especially perfect for lockdown when you are unable to get this type of interaction with friends and family. I know an online board game does not offer exactly the same experience and it may mean some exciting elements of the game are missing but it will do for now! Until we can safely interact again.

Educational Activities

There are many games and activities available for both children and adults, to keep that brain active and to learn while you play. These games may be to strengthen mathematics skills, science skills, or maybe even a foreign language, but are disguised as a game- perfect for children who are not so keen on all school work a.k.a. every child! There are also activities available that can teach you a new skill such as cooking or drawing.


This one is great for all ages- either to actually strengthen your drawing and guessing skills or just as a bit of fun, Pictionary allows for the whole family to get involved and is a bit of competitive entertainment. If you don’t want to actually use the apps, you could also create your own Pictionary game by zoom calling your friend and both drawing on a whiteboard or a piece of paper.

No matter your hobby, there is bound to be something online to keep you entertained so maybe try some of these activities out and also search for your own so that lockdown boredom is no more!


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