12 Celebrities That Was Starred In Holiday Movies, But You No More Remember Them!

Many movies come and go in a year, but there are only a few that people remember and love to watch. But behind all those movies, some characters were performed by some fantastic actors, who played a fantastic role, but you no longer them. They are such people who create a lasting impression on people, but with time, they fade, and people no longer remember them. 
 Specific lists of people are starring in holiday movies, but now all forget about them as time is changing. Every December, many holidays come into consideration and holding many celebrities as the leading role. Time is the most substantial factor, and with this, you might have forgotten about those famous personalities of their leading time. Let’s discuss 16 celebrities.
Dolly Parton: she played the leading role of an angel in a very famous holiday movie, unlikely an angel. This movie was released in 1996 and gained extensive popularity. She played her role in a beautiful way by becoming an angel after her death in a car accident, and she has to bring a shattered family on the earth, so the angelic role was very suited for her. 
Ben Affleck: She was starred in 2004, with the release of the famous movie surviving Christmas and the other character was Christina Applegate. This became the flop movie of her career. The movie was a flop movie at the box office. With this, there was a role of an advertising executive who gives money to celebrate Christmas. 
Gabrielle Union: the perfect holiday was the movie that was released in 2004. Gabrielle Union played the role of a single mother in which her daughter wishes from the Santa that a lover must be there in the life of her single mother. This movie has won the hearts of people as it was so sweet and lovely to watch.
Kristin Chenoweth: the movie named Lifetime’s “12 men of Christmas was released in 2009 in which Kristin Chenoweth played the role of E.J Baxter, who was the publicist in New York. She was very talented and fulfilled her role in the movie in a very appropriate way. So this movie reminds me of her playing the amazing role of her time. 

Neil Patrick Harris: she is the one who was shown happily in “The Christmas Blessing.” She played the excellent role of a doctor, and this movie was released in 2005. The story was fascinating, and she, as a doctor, loses confidence while operating, and after that, she finds a new path to gain such motivation and confidence. Frankly, there was not that spice, but yes, the characters were so likable that they made a special place in people’s hearts. 
Reese Witherspoon: her character was as a p[partner with Vaughn who acted like a couple and went for the trip in the movie named, as “Four Christmases.” This movie came into existence in 2008. They go to celebrate Christmas every year to live away and to avoid the families. So the character was very interesting, and she fulfills in a very suitable and reliable way.  
Ryan Reynolds: the role of Ryan Reynolds was of a record executive in the film released in 2005. The film was “Just friends opposite Anna Faris” in which one friend tells about the lover in the school time, and the story goes on in a very interesting way. The role was so much suited to Reynolds as because of the looks and her comedy naughty nature. She is a kind of chubby girl, so the character was best suited to her, and she made a lasting impression on people. 
Jennifer Hudson: she starred in the film “Black Nativity” in 2013, and the character was of Angels Bassett. In this, he sends her son on holiday at his grandparents’ house, and there he gets familiar with them and gets closer with growing there. The presence of Hudson is so smooth, and she is finding her way to get popular. She raised a high level of goodwill with her excellent tone and held the people’s attention all around. 
Sarah Paulson: another celebrity who starred in Lifetime movie after her success in “American Horror Story.” The lifetime movie was released in 2006 and played the extraordinary role of a bride to be in the movie who thinks and plans to marry her fiancé on Christmas’s special day. She is the actress who mixes her own emotions in the movie, creates a leading role, and plays the most fantastic role. Her tone is lovely because of which she gains so much of love from people. 

Debra Messing: she was seen in the movie “Nothing Like the holiday” that was released in 2008. She celebrates Christmas as after that, the has to shift to another place, and the story goes further. Her role was so pleasing and exciting, which people feel love to see. 

Mandy Moore: Hallmark’s Christmas in Conway was the movie where she played the role of a nurse and the movie release in 2013. The story and the character hold so much importance in the movie, her role was precise, and she is attracted as an interesting character. 

Sarah Jessica Parker: she played a very interesting role in the movie “The family stone” in 2005, with other characters such as Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, and with that Claire Danes. She went to have a meet with the Fiance”s family and plan a holiday. So that was the most notable role on her part. The story and the lead role properly fit in the movie, because of which she gains popularity. 
 Conclusion The above are the top celebrities who are now no more in the minds and hearts of people, who starred in the holiday movies. They all are the ones who played a fantastic role in the movies, as if we now remember about them; the essence can still be felt. So yes, read about them to remember who are somewhere lost in their world, but played an exciting part. 


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