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Purchase – B & N, Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound

  • A Clean Slate chronicles the days of Kelly McGraw, a Chicago woman who suddenly can’t remember the last five months of her life, a time when she was dumped by her soon-to-be fiancé and laid off by the company she thought would make her partner. Overwhelmed and confused but otherwise feeling wonderful, she begins to realize that she has a clean slate in life. She can do anything she wants, go anywhere she wants, be anything she wants. But what, exactly, does she want?

    Follow Kelly on a journey that includes her search to discover what caused her memory loss, an internship with a bad-boy British photographer, a Caribbean photo shoot, her boyfriend’s desire to come crawling back and, eventually, a brutal discovery that will cause her to reevaluate both her old and new lives.

  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon

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